Smiles Program

Welcome to our Smiles Program!

Now we reward you when you shop with us. You can earn smiles by doing the following:

  • Register an account on our website.
  • With every order you earn smiles.
  • Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Sharing our website on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

You get 500 smiles as soon as you register an account with us. 

For every order once it is marked as payment complete you receive the equivalent smiles as per the order value. 

You can redeem these Smiles for discount coupons which can be used on our website for placing orders. 

How to access Smiles program?

Check for the below icon our website page and click on it to access the Smiles program. 


Once you click the above icon you will get below screen. Please note you need to create an account to be a part of Smiles program.

From the above screen you can access ways to earn Smiles and how to redeem the Smiles you have earned. 

You can also refer your friends to buy from us. When you refer someone they earn Rs 300 and you also earn Rs 300. You will be able to spend this Rs 300 only when they have made a purchase. 


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