All About the Feng Shui Bagua (Pa Kua) Mirror

Wooden Bagua Mirror, Pakua Mirror, Feng Shui Trigram Mirror removes Negative Energy


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  • Where it should be placed outside North South East West

    The feng shui rule of using the bagua mirror is that it should never, ever be used indoors.
    Bagua mirrors are designed to be hung outdoors and should never be placed inside.Place them at the ‘points of entry of bad chi’ into your homes such as at the external portion of windows and doors.
    It is just a tool to use in order to redirect energy.

  • Wooden Bagua mirror, pakua mirror, Feng shui trigram mirror
  • Dimension: 12 in X 12 in
  • Multi colour with Mirror in the center
  • Can be hung in office or Home
  • Can be gifted to your loved ones also for Grah Pravesh / House Warming

The feng shui bagua (pa kua) mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame with the feng shui bagua design in either red, green, and yellow/gold colors (pictured here) or yellow, black, and red colors. The bagua mirror design is further divided into the so-called Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas, both originating from the I Ching wisdom.

Bagua mirrors come in several sizes, the average size being four to six inches. You can also find bagua mirrors in a metal bagua-shaped frame; these bagua mirrors are usually placed in the metal feng shui element areas on the outside of a home or business.

Use it wisely.

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